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Resource Materials for Certified Teachers of the Transcendental Meditation® Technique

You are cosmic in nature—you enjoy your cosmic royalty. Enjoy your cosmic royalty, individuals of the world. Doesn’t matter in what language you hear it or in what language you receive it, in what language you understand it, but have the taste of reality. Life is huge. Life is huge means it’s all such a bundle of bliss, Ananda.
Maharishi, Maharishi’s Talk on Reconstructing the World
13 April 2007, MERU, Holland

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“Perhaps the greatest gift that Maharishi has given us as Governors is the precious ability to whisper infinity to another human being. In so doing, we do much more than open the door to unbounded bliss for one more fortunate soul; we stir the transcendent throughout creation and take an enormous step toward full enlightenment ourselves. And we take our joyful place as representatives in the line of that supreme tradition of Vedic masters who have safeguarded this knowledge of infinity for countless generations.”